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BA(hons) Dip Eur Hum (open)

Awarded FIRST PRIZE in the Erskine Inaugural Veterans Art Exhibition 2012 which was held at the Trades Hall , Glasgow in October

I am currently organising exhibitions in collaboration with Armed Services charities to collect donations to help our injured servicemen and women. As a retired Royal Marines Commando I make sure that a percentage of all my sales from exhibitions and from Road-end Studio go to Forces charities. Therefore there is no upper limit to how much you can spend on Ed Slaters art!

Personalised commissions undertaken to create a mixed-media painting that incorporates items of emotional or nostalgic reference for that very special personal work of art.

Particle Madness

Art is the history between heaven and reality. It is the language that transcends the aesthetic from ancient DNA to the here-and-now in visual form. Art only has value if it touches you, heart and soul. This is the only criteria for acquiring it. I hope you enjoy 'Contemporary Cave'.


Layer upon layer of imagination and mixed media. The first layer is Impasto, thick bodied titanium white acrylic to give texture and body followed by a layer of diluted Vitrail glass paint to give me an idea of colours and bring out the forms and textures. Then I study the results for some time until the work informs me how to proceed. This will consist of further coats of Vitrail either in washes or straight from the bottle. I paint on a flat surface of MDF board which allows the paint, wet on wet, a certain amount of alluvial movement and freedom. Some times I will incorporate collage and flora from my garden to the work, when the work decides it is finished i will apply several coats of Vitrial lightening medium which encapsulates the work like a mosquito in amber. It has taken 15 years of experimenting to master these self-taught techniques of 'Contemporary Cave'.